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We love tests.

Dr. McDonnell provides complete and thorough assessment and analysis of your health by utilizing various test kits. Each kit prescribed is recognized for its high quality labs, in depth study, and sensitivity to hard-to-find disease states. These are so much more than simple blood tests - They create detailed maps of your biology and ensure a treatment plan that is truly customized to meet your health needs. Dr. McDonnell proudly prescribes from the below list of tests.

Our Preferred Test Kits

Standard blood tests that give a full report on overall health.

Quest and LabCorp Rx

Uses saliva cortisol samples to look at causes of fatigue.

Adrenal Testing

Uses either saliva or urine to look at hormone levels in order to address imbalances.

Hormone Assessment Panels

Identifies any parasites, bacterial imbalances, signs of inflammation, digestive health status, and more.

Genova Stool Testing

Diagnoses areas of nutritional deficiencies as well as toxicity levels. Assesses how well you body is able to detox and highlights areas to support it in doing so.

Genova ION Profile

Distinguishes potential foods and airborne allergens that are causing inflammation and irritation in your system.

Genova Allergy Antibody Test

Diagnoses areas of nutritional deficiencies, as well as analyzes overall immune health and function.

Spectracell Micronutrient and Omega Test

A highly sensitive and thorough examination for various tick borne infections, such as Lyme Disease.


Provides information regarding recent and ongoing exposure to potentially toxic metals.

Doctor's Data Hair Elements and Toxic Metals

Each test kit is accompanied with detailed execution instructions that explain exactly what to do and where to go.