Baby Talk: A 3 Step Process to Baby Health

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Thinking about getting pregnant? Or maybe you know of someone who is? Then this one is for you. Due to all of the hype around fertility, you might be expecting this article to be a deep dive into naturopathic fertility enhancement strategies, paired with a laundry list of herbal supplements, tinctures, and remedies that you feel the need to start, well, yesterday... Don't worry - that is not what I'm sending you.  

This article explains how couples can prepare themselves to be in their best physical and mental shape to create a healthy, thriving baby.  All in three easy, approachable, and impactful steps.

This 3 Step Process is centered on baby centric wellness strategies - strategies that will enhance baby health by targeting the ways parents can be as healthy as possible during this important time.

Baby Health: A 3 Step Process

Step 1: Detox

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Step 1 should start (ideally) about 6 months before conception.

Humans are natural detoxifiers – it’s what our liver, kidney and skin does well, but trash can collect over time – and possibly affect a growing fetus.  But – wait – detoxing too close to conception is NOT good for baby. Active detox can pull toxins out of cells and into the blood stream and excretion pathways (bowels etc) – which is not a great state for baby growth. Five to six months before trying to get pregnant is a good time to do a month-long cleanse. After that, active detox should be discouraged.

So what is the best detox? It can/should range from the simple to the complex depending on the patient’s lifestyle, level of toxicity (assessed by testing or self assessed), and any limiting health factors.  We use gentle homeopathic detox support to start and combine this with a three week cleanse that can include one or more of:

  • shakes
  • supplements
  • fibers to support elimination
  • food guidelines (such as what to eat, when, how much, etc)

Step 2: Clean Up

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Step 2 is about cleaning up your food and your environment to provide a healthy space for baby. It all matters. What you smear on your skin to keep it moist, what you use to clean your clothes, your home, and your body all affect your health and that of the egg, sperm, and baby they make. What you eat does too. Even the containers those foods are stored in matter. If you’ve been toying with going green with your grooming and house cleaning products, dry cleaning, water/air sources, and your diet and food handling, there is no better time than the four month period leading up to conception. 

But how do you do that? What products are truly good quality and affordable? What changes have the biggest impact? We’ll help you – with lists, sources, and support.

Step 3: Egg and Sperm Wellness Support

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Thanks to great research and the release of recent studies, we know many nutrients that are specifically potent for improving egg and sperm quality and quantity. Assessing patients for nutrient deficiencies and rectifying them with food and/or supplements is the goal here. We run labs and testing to achieve a detailed analysis of overall health, pin pointing any deficiencies or imbalances that could be problematic for baby. With the test results in hand, we provide a customized plan for you and your partner's fertility wellness support, giving you a leg up in your fertility health, and in the process of pregnancy overall.

Ready to get started? Give us a call to schedule your appointment - because baby health starts with you.


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